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帶領桃園天主教國際信仰團體(ICPC)的Jhelo Fajardo Ramos弟兄(ICPC國際信仰團體組長)和禮儀服事協調員們,在四旬期的第一主日展開了名為“Liham ng Pag-asa sa Panahon ng Kuwaresma”(四旬期的一封祈願信)活動。


堂區天主子民回應邀請並陳上了信件,分享對於在2023年3月26日上午 10點在聖母聖心堂的耶穌架上七言的反省。這些信件訴說了移工的不同經歷,而這些經歷,挑戰了他們的自滿、自我懷疑及恐懼,最終引導他們在生活中找到上主。堂區子民在聆聽訴說的心聲時,對分享的經歷產生了共鳴,而這也消除了他們的質疑、憂慮及失望。他們知道自己並不孤獨,期盼每個人都能互相諒解仇怨以及缺點。




活動在彌撒後靜默朝拜十字架中結束。在這一刻,眾多信友留下並靜靜地在十字架前默禱。1. 彌撒後王世龍神父及平信徒志工們主持朝拜十字架

1. 彌撒後王世龍神父及平信徒志工們主持朝拜十字架
After the Mass, the Veneration of the Cross was led by Fr Salu and the ministers.
2. 平信徒志工們及信友們留在十字架前祈禱。
2. 平信徒志工們及信友們留在十字架前祈禱。

Ministers and parishioners stayed to pray before the Cross.


3. 反省耶穌「架上七言」的信件。

3. 反省耶穌「架上七言」的信件。
The letters were read as reflections of the “7 Last Words” of Jesus


"Liham ng Pag-asa sa Panahon ng Kwaresma"

(A Letter of Hope in this Season of Lent) 

By Anton Caceres Magallanes Jr.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Taoyuan

To receive a letter from family members or friends brings us great joy and pleasure. But what if we are the ones who write a letter not to our friends or family members but to our Lord Jesus? What will you write, and what will you tell him?

The International Catholic Parish Community-Taoyuan (ICPC), headed by Bro. Jhelo Fajardo Ramos (ICPC President) and the Coordinators of the liturgical ministries launched an activity entitled "Liham ng Pag-asa sa Panahon ng Kuwaresma" (A Letter of Hope in this Season of Lent) during the first Sunday of Lent.

The letters were offered during the Mass and were read as reflections of the Seven Last Words of Jesus. The primary purpose of the activity is to use this as a platform to encourage the parishioners of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Taoyuan to reflect, pray, make an act of sacrifice, and repent during

the season of Lent. The season is an excellent opportunity to turn down all the hustle and bustle of life, to slow down, and to be attentive to the coming of Easter is the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The activity opened doors for every individual to express the fruits of their heart-to-heart talk and prayer to our God Almighty.

Indeed, some parishioners responded to the invitation and submitted their letters as a reflection on the sharing of the Seven Last Words of Jesus on the Cross was held last March 26, 2023, at 10 am in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. The letters tackled different experiences of the migrant workers that challenged their pride, self-doubts, and fears that ultimately led them to find God in their lives. Most parishioners resonated with the shared experiences as they listen to the pouring out of heartfelt sentiments, it also unloads their problems, worries, and disappointments knowing that they are not alone, and hopefully, it led each one to forgiveness of grudges and shortcomings.

While listening and reflecting as the letters were read, it reminded us that we are not alone in our journey called “LIFE” because we have God who is the answer our many questions.

Every word in the letter was filled with wisdom as it began to flow effortlessly and moved every listener to great understanding as it penetrated their hearts. This new experience lifted our spirits to reconnect and deepen our faith to God, as we prepare ourselves for the joyous celebration of Christ’s resurrection

on Easter.

The day was concluded with a silent Veneration of the Cross after the Mass. During this moment, many parishioners stayed behind to pray in silence before the Holy Cross.

4. 反省中的信友
4. 反省中的信友

The parishioners during the reflection


5. 人們點燃蠟燭獻上個人祈願。
5. 人們點燃蠟燭獻上個人祈願。
The people were invited to light a candle as they offered their personal prayers.
6. 朝拜十字架。
6. 朝拜十字架。

Veneration of the Cross.

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